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We prioritize customer needs, offering comprehensive consultation and guidance to achieve optimal results and maximize benefits.

Registered since 2006, a licensed professional agency specializing in Australian immigration and study abroad affairs.

The team of lawyers registered with the Supreme Courts of Australia and Victoria.

APIC Global, established in 2008, is a professional consulting firm specializing in Australian immigration law. Headquartered in Melbourne, it has branches across Queensland and New Zealand, with liaison offices in major cities in China.

Our team consists of experienced and certified professionals, including lawyers, migration agents, accountants, and more. We are dedicated to tailoring immigration and study plans for our clients, providing comprehensive professional guidance to protect their interests and realize their Australian dreams.

Our Advantages

Customized Immigration Planning

Tailoring the optimal immigration plan for each client to ensure the most efficient, economical, and expedient realization of their Australian immigration goals.

Professional Legal

Providing legal consultation and support from senior immigration lawyers to ensure professional resolution of legal issues during the client's immigration process.

Full Process Application Guidance

Offering comprehensive application guidance, covering various services such as studying abroad, investment, immigration, and tourism, assisting clients in smoothly submitting their applications.

Deep Dive into the Australian Education System

Providing Clients with Opportunities for In-Depth Understanding of the Australian Education System, along with Assessment and Selection of the Most Suitable Schools and Courses.

Comprehensive Financial Investment Planning

Integrate Australian financial investment policies to provide clients with comprehensive investment planning advice, including real estate investment, corporate investment, and other fields.

Flexible Response
to Needs

Centered on customer needs, providing professional consulting support. Able to quickly respond to various situations or requirements and provide optimal solutions.